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Cheers Minus the Beers: Let’s Drink to Small Talk


THE bartender at the Summit Bar, a new cocktail lounge on Avenue C, did an interesting thing last week. He talked about the weather.

At most bars, of course, this wouldn’t even bear noticing. But in the rarefied world of cocktail-centric bars — the kind of places where, as at the Summit Bar, the drinks are bedizened with ingredients like saffron orange tincture and cardamom-infused agave syrup, and the ice cubes are the size of fuzzy dice — the bartender’s role has, in recent years, made a subtle shift.

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The Summit Bar

Established in 2009, The Summit Bar offers hand-crafted cocktails in an upscale and beautiful setting. With an extensive list of upscale ingredients with seasonal fresh herbs and spices from around the world, the bar's exceptional menu of specially designed cocktails is a surefire way to have a great night. 

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Best of New York 2010

Best Cocktail Bar

The Summit Bar

Veiled behind wooden Venetian blinds and tucked away on Avenue C, the Summit shies from the ostentation of certain mixology temples. What’s left is a stripped-down neighborhood watering hole with first-class bartending, the handiwork of Minetta Tavern’s drinks guru Greg Seider, who created the bar’s binary cocktail menu. On one side, there are the Classics, of which the whiskey sour with Buffalo Trace bourbon and fresh-squeezed agave ($8) is the finest example.

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TimeOut NY Eat out Awards 2010: CRITICS' CHOICE

Most democratic cocktail bar: The Summit Bar

By Time Out editors  Tue Apr 6 2010

Exclusivity pervades New York cocktail culture, with bars hidden behind faux phone booths and inside unmarked, darkened dens. But Alphabet City's understated Summit forgoes the pretense—no reservations or covert knocks required—without compromising its drink savvy. Barkeep Greg Seider (Minetta Tavern) has created a split-personality menu that appeals to traditionalists (old-fashioneds, whiskey sours), as well as adventurous imbibers.

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