Greg Seider - Mixology Consultant, Restaurateur, Author

World‑renowned mixologist and bar owner Greg Seider has more than 15 years of experience in creating distinctive, premium cocktails. The trendsetting mixologist designs fruit and herbal infusions—from syrups to liquors and even ice-to bring guests one‑of-‑a-kind libations to match with the experience driven by the space and the kitchen programs. “I like to start with the best products and build a drink from there,” Seider says. “With that solid foundation, I can freely experiment with infusions and unconventional ingredients to make the most flavorful and unforgettable cocktails.”

Every great bar or restaurant needs the right atmosphere, and Seider has perfected setting the vibe through the drinks menu. The industry veteran has worked for New York institutions such as Minetta Tavern, Asia de Cuba, Lot 61, and Robert De Niro’s Hudson Lounge. Best known for his aforementioned fresh herb infusions, Seider first made a name for himself at The Mercer Kitchen in SoHo. His résumé also includes running the beverage program at famous dinner theater The Box in Manhattan.

Seider had expanded his reach, relaunching the beverage menu for world‑renowned New York restaurants such as La Bernardin; designing drinks for new concepts including Southern Cross Hospitality’s Hawker Bar, Burke & Wills, and the Manhattan Cricket Club in New York; and working with other establishments across the country, including The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach and Larry Ellison'ʹs now famous Nikita Malibu. In addition to mixology consulting, Seider currently co‑owns The Summit Bar in the East Village and Manhattan Cricket Club on the Upper West Side. 

Seider implements a “Ground to Glass” principle of excellence, according to which only seasonal ingredients, some grown by Seider himself in his rooftop garden, are drawn upon and integrated into his mixtures.  

Alchemy in a Glass: The Essential Guide to Handcrafted Cocktails

by Greg Seider

Full of original, ingredient-driven recipes for cocktails, mixers, garnishes, and bitters, this book by a cocktail expert for master chefs shows readers how to transform spirits and flavors into inspiring, mouthwatering drinks. In bars and restaurants across America, drinkers are being exposed to the artistry of the modern cocktail. Alchemy in a Glass takes readers on a journey of the palette and teaches them the art of balancing flavors, mixers, and spirits with the expert guidance of cocktail craftsman Greg Seider. Seider, who has created cocktail programs for top bars and restaurants in New York and Los Angeles, approaches cocktail creation as the art of understanding how flavors work together and develop over the course of a drink. He prizes the use of fresh, seasonal, and homemade ingredients to infuse and garnish his drinks. Drawing on his experience developing cocktail programs for chefs such as Eric Ripert, Seider goes beyond recipes to show readers how flavors work, giving them blueprints for constructing a balanced drink. Seider shares inspired recipes for more than fifty original cocktails as well as classics with a twist and recipes for bitters, garnishes, infusions, and elixirs. This is the perfect companion book for food lovers and a must for home mixologists.

“Seider’s Creative approach to creating cocktails is what makes every one of his drinks memorable. Through his understanding of ingredients and how they go together Seider creates well-balanced drinks filled with flavor and dimension.”

- Eric Ripert, Chef & Co- owner of Le Bernardin

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The Alchemist Sessions immersive cocktail class


Greg Seider teaches an immersive class into mastering the art, skills and techniques of cocktail making & flavor balancing. 

at the Alchemist Sessions you will learn how to:

• Develop perfect dilution and temperature

• Specific cocktail recipe ratios

• Create custom bitters and infusions

• Select and source the best spirits and ingredients


“Greg did an exceptional job at creating an intimate learning environment to teach our group of average cocktail makers how to make alchemy in a glass and wow there friends at home. Shaken or stirred I feel like I could mix up a cocktail for James Bond after Greg taught me a few of his Alchemy tricks.”

- Merdeith Schurch, The St.Regis Aspen Resort